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When & Where

The Auction will be held in Giorgio's across from the Treetop restaurant and will begin at 11:00 am on Saturday. The auction staff will attempt to group the offerings by theme, with Euros/Family games proceeding Strategy/Wargames and the "most collectibles" saved for last. Exceptions will occur since we cannot control when late arriving items will be registered.

Who Can Bid?
You must have an official Bid number to bid. These are available from the auction staff at a cost of $1. The staff will begin selling the Bid numbers at 10:30 am on Saturday through the end of the auction. See the staff at the payment table to obtain your Bid Number.

Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware)
The Auction Staff does its best to accurately describe items up for bid, but they are not responsible for mistakes or missing components. The staff will try to validate the condition of all items sold, but by accepting a Bid number, prospective buyers agree to hold PrezCon and its auction staff harmless in the event of disputed merchandise. All sales are final!

Minimum Bids
All bids will be in $1 increments. If you cannot afford to bid a full dollar, you should not be bidding. Auctions proceed quickly so bid loud and clear. If the auctioneer cannot see or hear you, it's your fault. Feel free to shout out an amount, the auction staff appreciates it. The auction staff will be bidding on items as well. Please feel free to bid against them - they will be bidding against each other anyway, so why shouldn't you?

Cash only
In God we trust; all others pay cash. When you win an item, you must immediately come forward to the cashier and claim your purchase. We are not set up for checks, credit cards, or paypal. Buyers who fail to complete their purchases promptly in the view of the cashier will forfeit their bid number immediately without refund.

Tabs are only available by special arrangement with the head auctioneer and require a non-refundable cash deposit. This deposit will be credited towards your purchases but unused balances are lost. Please see the head auctioneer PRIOR to the start of the auction. All tabs must be settled, IN CASH, immediately after the auction.

Item Description
Lots offered for sale will be defined by the seller as being in one of the following physical condition categories. You should familiarize yourself with these terms so as to better judge the condition of what is being offered.
  • SHRINK WRAPPED - Still in the original shrink wrap
  • UNPUNCHED - Item is unpunched, unplayed and complete
  • PUNCHED - COMPLETE - Item is punched and seller verifies completeness
  • PUNCHED - UNKNOWN - Item is punched but seller has not verified completeness
  • PUNCHED - MISSING - Item is punched and missing parts (declare missing parts)
  • OTHER (such as Item has a declared flaw such as water damage, torn box)
A brief description of the item describing any extra bonus features such as sorting trays, variant pieces, etc. should be provided for any items which include them.

Who can Sell and what can be Sold?
Selling is limited to those with a current PrezCon badge. Due to the specialized nature of PrezCon as a game convention, only games and accessories pertaining to them can be sold. Auction lots will be limited to the first 500 lots submitted and approved by the auction staff.

Lot Registration process:
The Registration process is different this year, please be sure to read the following section.

This year, sellers will be required to submit their lots to be sold to the auction staff for their review and approval. All auction Lots must be received no later than February 17th or whenever the maximum is reached, whichever occurs first, to be included in the auction.

***IMPORTANT*** To submit items for the auction, sellers must complete the Auction Registration Forms below and email the form to Prezcon at registrar@prezcon.com. Please be sure to include the words "PrezCon Auction" in the subject line. The form requires you to provide the name of the Game, the game publisher, the minimum bid, and the condition. See the item description section above for the choices on condition. Please do not add lines to the form. Additional tabs are provided for more than 25 items. Do not send the Auction Item Sheets when submitting your items for inclusion in the Auction.

Auction registration Form (xls)
Auction item sheet (doc)

A non-refundable fee of $1 per lot submitted is required upon submission. The Fee should be brought with you to the con and paid at time of submission of your lots. Do not mail or Paypal this fee.

Low value items should be sold as a group in one Lot - both to minimize your fee and to save time - or committed to the Auction Store. While you may set a minimum bid for your Lot, the staff reserves the right to reject any Lot for any reason - including what they consider to be unrealistic Minimums. Ask our knowledgeable Auction staff for suggestions as to what constitutes a reasonable Minimum for any Lot they reject. Any Lot received without a Minimum Bid will be offered at $1.00 Minimum Bid.

You should receive an email confirming your submission within 48 hours. Around February 1st, you will receive notice as to whether your items were accepted or rejected for the auction.

***IMPORTANT*** If your items are accepted, please complete the attached Auction Item Sheet, attach it to your games with painter's tape, and bring the games to the Ashlawn Room during the check-in hours of FRIDAY AT 8PM-10PM.

Unsold items:
***IMPORTANT*** Sellers are responsible for collecting unsold items promptly. Sellers need to claim their unsold items in Giorgio's within a half hour of the conclusion of the auction. After that, the items will be at the Registration Desk. Items unclaimed by 13:00 on Sunday become the property of PrezCon Inc.

Sellers will receive 90% of the selling price, rounding the amount to the nearest dime, upon providing a current PrezCon badge matching the Seller's name. Payouts will be available at the PrezCon Registration Desk by 09:00 on Sunday (or sooner) and will remain available during registration hours throughout the convention. Amounts unclaimed by 13:00 Sunday are forfeit to PrezCon, Inc.

PrezCon, Inc will exercise reasonable care in safeguarding your items, but we assume no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged goods.

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