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Games for 2020 Winter Nationals
Which convention?

Game # Game Mini-Con GM
1Circus MaximusBarry Smith
2Pirates CoveBenjamin Collinson
3Power GridBill Alderman
4Red Alert: Space Fleet WarfareBill Bynum
5Nations (Dynasties)Bill Crenshaw
6Terraforming MarsBill Crenshaw
7Terraforming Mars DEMO ( Expansions)Bill Crenshaw
8Time of CrisisBill Powers
97 WondersBradley Huttner
10Chess ChampionshipBrian Garbera
11Twilight StruggleBrian Reynolds
12Fantasy RealmsBruce Glassco
13Texas GloryColumbiaConCarl Willner
14Settlers of CatanCharles Minter
15Championship Formula RacingChris Brandt
16Century Spice RoadChris Wildes
17ScytheChris Wildes
18KingmakerDavid Cross
19Yokohama David Edelstein
20CarcassonneDavid Platnick
21Liars DiceDavid Seletyn
22Thunder AlleyDavid Wolfe
23Brawling Battleships Dennis Blazey
24DominionDerek Croxton
25SplendorDerek Croxton
26Dunkirk: France 1940Doug Bryant
27Liberty or DeathRevConDuncan McGill
28Merchants & MaraudersEd De Bary
29Table Top Aces (DEMO)Ed Wagamon
30Bitter WoodsEd Witkowski
31AcquireEric Engelmann
32RAEric Hymowitz
33Combat Commander: EuropeFather Eric Tolentino
34Julius CaesarColumbiaConFred Bauer
35Command and ColorsGary Duden
36Hammer of the ScotsColumbiaConGeorge Seary
37LincolnGeorge Seary
38Pax Pamir 2nd EditionGeorge Seary
39SlapshotGrant Dalgliesh
40Slapshot Jr.Grant Dalgliesh
41Small WorldGrant Greffey
42Freeman's Farm 1777Grant Wylie
43Battle CryGreg Gordon
44Champions of MidgardGreg Huff
45The Last SpikeIg Jakovac
46BritanniaJames Jordan
47AgricolaJames Kelley
48El GrandeJay Fox
491775 RebellionRevConJeffrey Lange
50CodenamesJennifer Deshaies
51Exploding Kittens (Teen Track)Teen TrackJennifer Deshaies
52Love Letter (Teen Event)Teen TrackJennifer Deshaies
53Terra MysticaJoe Rudmin
54Gandhi Joel Tamburo
55Lost Cities CardgameJohn Spinello
56Formula DeJohn Steffey
57Puerto RicoJohn Weber
58Paths of GloryJohnny Hasay
59TikalJon Jaeger
60McGartlin Motor SportsJon Zug
61Merchant of VenusJoseph Powell
62WingspanJosh Davis
63Through the AgesJoshua Lowe
64Conquest of ParadiseKevin McPartland
65KremlinKevin Youells
66Here I StandKirk Harris
67Short Games SamplerLarry Lingle
68Western LegendsLarry Lingle
69Race for the GalaxyLarry Tentor
70Colossal ArenaLuke Koleszar
71HannibalLyman Moquin
72Richard IIIColumbiaConMalcolm Smith
73Castles of Mad King LudwigMarcy Morelli
74Lords of WaterdeepMark Beckman
75American Rev. War SeriesRevConMark Miklos
76Leaping LemmingsMary Ellen Powers
77Can't StopMeredith Tentor
78War of the RingMichael Greason
79Crusader RexColumbiaConMichael Sosa
80NMBR9Michelle Hymowitz
81Stone AgeMichelle Hymowitz
82Endeavor Age of SailPaul Koneczny
83Pillars of the EarthPaul Owen
84Formula Motor RacingPete Gathmann
85Formula Motor Racing JrPete Gathmann
86The Castles of BurgundyPete Gathmann
87Down in FlamesRich Phares
88St. PetersburgRick Miller
89Robo RallyRick Steeves
90Eurogame SamplerRoderick Schertler
91Gaia ProjectRoderick Schertler
92Great War CommanderRoger Nord
93Tzolk'in: The Mayan CalendarRyan Green
94Clans of CaledoniaSamuel Moyer
95Atlantic StormScott Buckwalter
96Victory in EuropeColumbiaConScott McDonald
97Vikings 878Scott McDonald
98Great Western TrailScott Saccenti
99Thurn and TaxisScott Saccenti
100History of the WorldShane McBee
101TitanSteve Koleszar
102Titan 2-PlayerSteve Koleszar
103Memoir 44Steve Lollis
104Texas HoldemSteven Turner
105Clank in SpaceStuart Pierce
106AlhambraSuzanne Tuch
107Thunderstone QuestTim Evinger
108ChurchillTodd Carter
109Ticket to RideVirginia Colin
110AzulVirginia Lingle
111Russian CampaignWilliam Scott

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