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Featured games for 2017 Winter Nationals

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ImageNamePoint Leaders
1775 RebellionAlexander Lange (15 points)
Steven Smith (10 points)
Michael Mitchell (6 points)
Jim Lawler (4 points)
Rod Coffey (2 points)
1944 Race to the Rhine (Demo) 
7 WondersMichelle Hymowitz (29 points)
Caitlin Kaprove (25 points)
Steve Cameron (25 points)
Brian Carr (20 points)
Chris Terrell (20 points)

Larry Tentor (15 points)
Chris Wildes (12 points)

Charles Hickok (8 points)

Rodney Bacigalupo (3 points)
A Game of ThronesJay Boring (30 points)
Adam Sykes (15 points)
Stephen Koehler (15 points)
Alex Gregorio (9 points)
Jonathan Hagmaier (6 points)
Daniel Collinson (3 points)
AcquireSteve Koleszar (45 points)
Shane McBee (39 points)
Luke Koleszar (30 points)
Mike Senzig Sr (21 points)
Brian Bouton (15 points)
Charles Minter (15 points)
Dan Mathias (15 points)

David Rohde (15 points)
Dominic Crapuchettes (15 points)
Jason Ley (15 points)
Jon Zug (15 points)
Joseph Wheeler (15 points)
Mark Beckman (15 points)
Mike Senzig Jr (15 points)

Roger Woodruff (15 points)

Joseph Rudmin (6 points)
Steve Vondra (4 points)
Pete Gathmann (3 points)
Afrika KorpsBert Schoose (35 points)
Jonathan Lockwood (32 points)
William Scott (20 points)
Bill Morse (11 points)
Martin Musella (10 points)
Robert Frisby (3 points)
AgricolaBill Crenshaw (36 points)
Eric Wrobel (35 points)
Theodore Mullally (30 points)
Joshua Huffman (15 points)
Mike Senzig Jr (4 points)
AlhambraBruce Glassco (20 points)
Bruce Reiff (20 points)
Eugene Yee (20 points)
George Seary (20 points)
Jimbo Carroll (20 points)
Kevin Wojtaszczyk (20 points)
Luke Koleszar (20 points)
Nathan Twigg (20 points)
Rodney Bacigalupo (20 points)
Tim Furrow (20 points)
Tim Rogers (20 points)
Grant Greffey (15 points)
Steven Zwanger (12 points)
Mark Beckman (9 points)
Martin Houghton (8 points)
Elinor Glassco (6 points)
Alex Pixton (4 points)
Jean Younkin (3 points)
American Rev. War SeriesBruno Sinigaglio (60 points)
David Stiffler (25 points)
Donald Hanle (15 points)
Donny Hanle (15 points)
Mark Miklos (15 points)
Patrick Mirk (15 points)
Rod Coffey (6 points)
Tim Miller (4 points)
Bill Morse (2 points)
Atlantic StormJohn Elliott (98 points)

Benjamin Collinson (29 points)
Bruce Young (20 points)
Calvin Fisher (20 points)
Ewan McNay (20 points)
Joel Tamburo (20 points)
John Coussis (20 points)
Olin Hentz (20 points)
Randy Young (20 points)
Tony Cadden (20 points)
Daniel Collinson (15 points)

Nathan Twigg (15 points)
Shane McBee (9 points)
Axis & Allies World War I 
Battle CrySteve Lollis (57 points)
Bruce Reiff (40 points)
Greg Gordon (33 points)
Gerald Lientz (15 points)
Jeff Mullet (15 points)
Jim Stevens (15 points)

Stuart Pierce (15 points)
Joseph Powell (11 points)
David Wolfe (10 points)

John Steffey (4 points)
Shane McBee (2 points)
Ernest Chambers (1 points)
BitterwoodsBill Morse (10 points)
Randy Heller (10 points)
Blood Rage 
Brew CraftersEric Wrobel (15 points)
John Weber (9 points)
Jason Lurie (6 points)
Brian Greer (3 points)

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