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Battle of the Bulge
Game: Battle of the Bulge
Manufacturer: Avalon Hill
Description: The Battle of the Bulge is a historical re-creation of the famous World War II campaign of the same name. The 101st Airborne Division is hopelessly encircled at Bastogne. The German commander demands surrender. General Anthony McAuliffe replies to the demand with one simple word "Nuts!". The game's scale is 3.2 km (2 miles) per hex; 12 hours per turn. Units are regiments and brigades. 377 Counters (including blanks).

PREZCON 2018 The Battle of the Bulge ‘81 Scenario: The standard 8 turn tournament scenario is featured (will mail).

Rounds and Advancement: Any player who wins a game in Heat #1 or Heat #2 is eligible to advance to the single elimination rounds.

Heat 1: Wednesday 7:00 PM
Heat 2: Thursday 7:00 PM

Side Determination: Players may mutually agree which sides to play. If they cannot agree, each player rolls a die. The high die roll chooses sides. Rules: The 2nd edition rules advanced game rules are used.

Additionally, optional rule 36.0 SS Panzer Commitment in 16 AM will be used. Players may use any other optional rules they wish provided both players agree and they are noted on the Game Sheet.

Assistant GM: Marty Musella
Duration: 4 hrs
Image not available

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2018Winter Nationals3Rob BeymaMichael WoodgerdJohn Armstrong 

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