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Titan 2-Player
Game: Titan 2-Player
Manufacturer: Avalon Hill
Description: This classic game of the Fantasy Monster Slug-a-thon is a standby from the Avalon Hill of yore. The game still has a very devoted following, which is a tribute to the depth of the various strategies and approaches. The game is divided into two realms, the masterboard and the battleboards. On the masterboard, legions of mythical creatures roam about trying to recruit bigger and badder monsters and kill opposing legions in the process. When a combat occurs, the action moves to the corresponding battleboard type corresponding to the area the fight is taking place in. After lots of dice are tossed, the army that remains standing is returned to the masterboard with the spoils of war: points. The points are used to recruit Angels and Archangels and to augment the leader character of the player's army: The Titan. As the points increase, the Titans become ever more powerful; at game end, the titan is able to kill most other character with a single blow. But be careful: If the Titan dies, the player is out of the game. The last Titan standing is the ruler of all, and winner of the game.
Duration: 4 hrs
Image not available

Game Schedule
Titan 2-PlayerThursday10:00Heat 1-3SwEGrand4
Titan 2-PlayerFriday09:00Heat 2-3SwEGrand4
Titan 2-PlayerFriday19:00Heat 3-3SwEGrand4
Titan 2-PlayerSaturday09:00Semi/FinalSEGrand4

Hall of Fame
YearConvention# PlayersFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird PlaceFourth Place
2015Winter Nationals10Dan StrockArthur WinesGreg HuffKevin Hillock
2014Winter Nationals7Arthur WinesDavid Platnick  
2009Winter Nationals10Kevin Hillock   
2008Winter Nationals10Kevin Hillock   
2005Winter Nationals10Ed Rothenheber   
2003Winter Nationals10Mike Salvato   
2002Winter Nationals10Dan Strock   
2000Winter Nationals10Dan Strock   

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