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Prezcon Hall of Fame
Year Best GM Event
1994 Dan Mathias Diplomacy/Shogun
1995 Dan Mathias Diplomacy/Shogun
1996 Keith Levy History of the World/Risk
1997 Mariyln Koleszar Settlers of Catan
1998 John Jacoby Circvs Maximus
1999 Dan Mathias Diplomacy/Shogun
2000 Ed Wagamon Tabletop Aces
2001 Steve Koleszar Titan
2002 Rich Shipley Settlers of Catan
2003 Kathy Stroh Merchants of Venus
2004 Bill Crenshaw Age of Renaissance
2005 Jon Zug McGartlin Motorsports
2006 Scott Buckwalter Atlantic Storm
2007 Shane McBee History of the World
2008 Chris Terrell Puerto Rico
2009 Charles Minter Settlers of Catan
2010 Bill Alderman Power Grid
2011 Tom McCorry RoboRally
2012 Eric Hymowitz RA
2013 Keywood Cheves St. Petersburg
2014 Claire Brosius Ticket to Ride
2015 Mark Miklos RevCon
2016 Suzanne Tuch Alhambra
2017 Grant Greffey Small World
2018 Dave Platnick Carcassonne
Year Hall of Fame Member Inducted as GM, Player or Organizer
2002 Brian Carr Organizer
2002 Phil Rennert Player
2002 Dan Mathias Game Master
2003 Jon Zug Organizer
2003 Jon Kwiatkowski Player
2003 John Jacoby Game Master
2004 Charlie Hickock Player
2004 Keith Levy Game Master
2005 Dan Strock Player
2006 Bill Edwards Organizer
2006 Luke Koleszar Player
2006 Kathy Stroh Game Master
2007 Steve Koleszar Player
2007 Bill Crenshaw Game Master
2008 Stuart Pierce Player
2009 Arthur Field Player
2009 David Fritsch Player
2009 Scott Stewart Organizer
2010 Gerald Lientz Game Master
2011 George Seary Player
2011 David Platnick Player
2011 Justin Thompson Organizer
2012 Bruce Reiff Organizer
2012 Charles Minter Player
2013 Bill Alderman Organizer
2013 Doug Galullo Player
2013 Michelle Hymowitz Game Master
2014 Carolyn Strock Player
2014 Jack Jaeger Game Master
2015 Mark Miklos Game Master
2016 Bill Powers Game Master
2017 Grant Dalgliesh Organizer
2017 Ron Draker Player
2017 Shane McBee Game Master
2018 Randy Dean Player
2018 Suzanne Tuch Game Master
Year Gerald Lientz Lifetime Acheivement Award recipient
2013 Pete Fenlon Mayfair/Iron Crown Enterprizes
2017 Andy Lewis GMT Games

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