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Hobby Links

Here are some links to other game sites and conventions you may find interesting or useful. This list continues to grow, so continue checking back later for more selection.


Block Party
The Ohio Valley Gamers are proud to bring you the only mini-convention dedicated to competitive play in "block games".  These games use wooden pieces in their components and many are historical simulations.  We have 10 tournaments that range from two player war games, multi-player wargames to multi-player eurogames.

Dixiecon is the longest-running Diplomacy tournament on the East Coast, featuring three rounds of Diplomacy and all the open boardgaming you can shake a stick at!

Games Day
An open gaming event where you can have fun, learn, share, grow, play

Boardgame Players Association

Anime Conventions, Game Conventions, Science Fiction Conventions

Game Manufactures

Columbia Games
Columbia Games produces excellent Strategy Games and Role-Playing Games.

North Star Games

L2 Design Group

GMT Games
A company committed to providing the most playable and best produced wargames available. From the victories of Alexander's armies to speculative conflicts in the near future, we cover every aspect of warfare and its simulation.

Grave Digger Games
We here at GRAVE DIGGER GAMES have been gaming since the early 70s. Our goal is to help gamers have more fun and move the game to a faster pace. We have come up with what we think is a GREAT line of gaming accessories. We hope you enjoy visiting our website and that you'll think of us when you're having FUN gaming!


War Games Galore

Rio Grande Games

Decision Games

ConsimWorld is the official news, information, and talk site for historical gaming enthusiasts.

Avalanche Press
Avalanche Press offers a variety of games, including Decisive Battles of WWII Series, The Great War at Sea Series, Battles of Napoleon Series, and Rome At War Series.

Troll and Toad

Game Clubs
Have fun, learn, share, grow, play.

Washington Gamers Association
The Washington, D.C. area's longest-running gaming group.

NOVAG - Northern Virginia Gamers
NOVAG operates as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting gamers in the Washington D.C. area.

EPGS - Eastern Pennsylvania Gaming Society
Gaming in the heartland of American History


Game Manufacturers Association
A non-profit international trade association of companies and individuals involved in the design, production, distribution and sale of strategy, roleplaying, card, board and family games.

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