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Member Registration for 2020 Winter Nationals
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1 Kids 12 and under are considered a Junior and can register as a tournament player at the reduced price.
Kids 12 and under who play ONLY in Jr tournament games are free. No pre-registration required.

2 Selecting yes will allow other registered members to contact you through the MemberEmail page.
There are some restrictions that apply to help protect members from unwanted emails. See the MemberEmail page for more information.
This is particurly helpful with GMs who select yes. Members will be able to contact the GM through the website without emailing Justin.

3 Let us know what games you are interested in and we'll reserve a place at the table for you,
though you won't be restricted to the choices you make now.

4 Tell us when you plan to arrive and depart the convention so we can make sure
the event(s) you will GM are scheduled during your stay.

5 GM's who run tournaments will also be responsible for any demos or Jr. events if they checked the box.
The GM will receive one free GM polo shirt instead of the regular t-shirt we give to players.
If the GM would like to coordinate with an assistant to run the demo or Jr. event, that is fine.
But the GM is ultimately responsible for them. Assistants are not eligable for the GM shirts unless they GM another game.

6 An optional preliminary first round which allows winners to skip the later, mandatory, first round.
Losers of the preliminary round are not penalized aside from required play in the mandatory first round.
Ideal for single elimination, two-player games.
Guarantees players at least two games and an opportunity to reacquaint themselves with the game without being penalized for a loss.
It also allows winners to shorten the event by skipping what would otherwise be a mandatory first round and gives them a welcome break between long matches.

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