Tournament Styles:

CONTINUOUS: Rounds continue with minimal breaks until a winner is determined. No round should begin after midnight unless all players consent. Rounds should begin on the following day at 9 a.m. Recommended for most games, since players may wander off and enter other events if there are long breaks between rounds.

SCHEDULED: There are scheduled breaks of six or more hours between rounds. Recommended for long multi-player games where continuous play becomes too much of the same thing. Limited to three such breaks. Requested breaks of less than six hours duration will not be accepted and will be rated as Continuous instead.

MULTIPLE HEATS: Players usually qualify for SE second round by winning any of up to four preliminary heats. Players can enter one or more heats without limit. Greatly increases number of entrants by making the event more accessible with numerous starting times. Works best with multi-player games wherein any single game winner (or sufficiently high second-place player) may qualify to advance to the second round for SE play.